Block Rockin' Lite 1.1

BlockRockin is an original arkanoid game in 3D in which you break blocks.
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Psychic Software
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BlockRockin is an original arkanoid game in 3D in which you need to break all the blocks using a ball in order to eliminate them from the board. The board is circular and you can move your paddle around it to hit the ball. If the ball falls off the circular platform, you will lose a life. You have a total of three balls. There are different blocks and some are harder to break than others, so you will need to hit them several times in order to break them completely. For every block you hit, you will be given points.
Some blocks have power-ups inside, which are released when you hit them with the ball, but you need to catch them to activate their power. Most of them are extra balls, which help you break more blocks and at the same time finish the levels faster. The game offers two modes: Quick game and Tournament. In Tournament, there are five different levels with unique themes and you advance as you complete them in order. However, if you do not want to play them in order, you can still select the level you want to play. On the contrary, in Quick game, you will only be able to play one of the levels included in Tournament mode. The game offers simpe but attractive graphics, simple sounds, and suitable music. The game is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and others.
To sum up, BlockRockin is an original and enjoyable arkanoid game that will surely keep you entertained for some time.

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  • Original
  • Nice themes
  • Enjoyable
  • Two modes
  • For iPhones and Android


  • Only a few levels
  • Simple graphics and sounds



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