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BlackRose is a retro-style first-person shooter for the Mac.
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By Cayelan Mendoza
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BlackRose is a retro-style first-person shooter for the Mac. In this game, you play as Ronja, codename BlackRose, who is a computer hacker who exposes unscrupulous organizations to the world. In the first mission, you have to infiltrate Osiris Corporation to retrieve some evidence of what they have been doing. Before the mission, you learn that BlackRose has been trying to hack into their servers for four months with no success, which tells you she is not a very good hacker.

The game features 3D graphics but they are not very good. The controls are simple and responsive. You use a combination of mouse movements and keyboard keys to move around and aim. You start with a shotgun with limited ammo and you can be shot several times before you die.

In the first mission, I tried to infiltrate the organization several times. There are guards that will definitely see you coming in, and sometimes they will sound the alarm and sometimes they won't. When they do, the mission is over. I managed to pass this instance a couple of times, but it was hit and miss for me.

I was ready to dismiss this game as a horrible game when I first saw it, but I don't think it is that bad. The graphics are horrible, the gun mechanics leave a lot to be desired, and sometimes you won't even know why you lost, but I have seen much worse games on the Mac App Store.

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  • I guess it has a somewhat interesting story


  • Weak graphics
  • Bugs



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