Bit Map Imager

Bit Map Imager 2.4

Bit Map Imager can use OZF2 and OZFX3 files to view map images.
2.4 (See all)

Bit Map Imager was developed as a companion tool for the iOS applications 'Bit Map' which can use OZF2 and OZFX3 files (older formats only) to view map images on the iPhone and iPad, but is also a useful standalone tool for anyone who has any need to view or convert OZF2 or OZFX3 files on Mac OS X.
It can also save files to JPEG, PNG or '.bitmap' (Bit Map optimised), which makes them much quicker and easier to install into the iPhone application.
Bit Map Imager can also open and view some other standard image formats, including JPEG, GIFF, TIFF and PNG.

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