BirthdayCal 2.0

BirthdayCal supports iCal alarms, recurrences, and all-day events.
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Patrick Gates

BirthdayCal is a simple application that creates iCal entries for the birthdays of your Address Book contacts. It supports iCal alarms, recurrences, and all-day events.

Main Features:

- The user interface has been reorganized to flow more smoothly.
- Existing birthday events found in the calendar are updated, avoiding the creation of duplicate events when birthdays are exported repeatedly.
- More options for event descriptions are available, including setting the order of names (first vs. last) and showing the year of birth.
- Events can be created as all-day or with a specific duration. This makes it possible to sync the resulting calendar with devices that don't support all-day events, such as the Sony Ericsson T68i.
- Settings are saved so you don't have to enter them each time you run the application.
- A bug has been fixed that prevented some local calendars from appearing in the list.

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