BirdFont 5.0

Free Font editor supporting vector graphics as well as color and monochrome fonts.
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Birdfont is intended for creating and editing fonts. Moreover, it supports working with TrueType and PostScript curves in both color and monochrome fonts formats. The application has a modern straightforward interface. However, you should be aware that designing fonts require certain skills and a whole load of patience. Similarly, working with vector graphics may be difficult as well. Unfortunately, although there are tutorials, they may still leave some of your questions unanswered.

Luckily, everything new you open appears in a different tab. In this respect, the first thing you see when you open the application is the Overview tab, which contains a sort of grid with characters. By clicking on a given character, you are allowed to work on its design. Thanks to the availability of tabs, you can work on different characters simultaneously. On the left, you can find a complete set of tools, which allows different drawing modes including Bezier curves, freehand and shapes. Likewise, you can use layers to work on more complex designs, which can include background images.

Birdfont is compatible with other design applications. In this regard, the easiest way to get graphics from other tools is via the clipboard. Moreover, importing commonly used file types as SVG is also supported. In a similar manner, your set of fonts can be exported to TTF, OTF and SVG formats.

All in all, Birdfont allows creating your own set of fonts to give your designs a sense of uniqueness. The product is distributed for free but with a heavy emphasis on your donations. Moreover, the free version can be used for creating fonts under the SIL Open Font license. Still, for other uses, you need to get a commercial copy of Birdfont. Regrettably, the latest version of this product only runs on Catalina.

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  • Supports TrueType and PostScript curves
  • Supports color and monochrome font formats
  • Tutorials available
  • Tabbed interface
  • Great collection of drawing tools
  • Layer support
  • Compatible with other similar tools
  • Exports to various formats


  • The latest version runs on Catalina only
  • Poor tutorials


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