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Bird Bell 1.0

A Twitter audience notifier that resides in the menu bar.
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BirdBell monitors a Twitter account for favorites, retweets, follows, unfollows, and additions to lists; in short, it tracks the audience reception of one's account on a micro scale. it provides notifications when these items occur through a customizable combination of menu icon changes, menu drop-down listings, and Growl notifications.

An unlimited number of Twitter accounts may be monitored through BirdBell, but one must be able to log in to each account through the application. According to user preference, notifications can direct one either to the corresponding Twitter page or, by default, the page on Favstar, a tweet aggregator and audience research tool.

While creating a large base of Twitter followers has become an indubitable mark of contemporary social media success, I'm a bit unsure whether this application could help in doing so. Aggregate statistics might help someone measure success with their target audience, but tracking down to the level of individual unfollowers? The best purpose I can ascribe this app is the periodic ego boost it is sure to provide when one's tweets are received favorably.

Sam's Disclaimer: As a non-member of the Twitterati, I was unable to test this application's functional limits.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Highly customizable notification behavior
  • Comes with a filter for potential spam followers


  • Doesn't make use of Mountain Lion's Notification Center
  • Appears to be no longer actively developed
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