Biotechnix 3d X 1.1

DNA/protein sequence analysis & protein 3D viewer
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Biotechnix 3d from Gentech incorporates within a single software package all the basic tools needed to analyze DNA and proteins, from sequence to structure. The software offers standard tools for primary sequence analysis, including DNA restriction, PCR primer selection, base composition, DNA to protein translation and ORF identification and display. Secondary sequence analysis includes amino acid composition, estimations of hydrophobicity, flexibility, local structure e.g. helix/ beta sheet, potential antigenicity and estimates of accessible surface area. With an impressive range of 3-D protein viewing options, Biotechnix 3d presents top-quality 3d graphics representation and is provided with infrared liquid crystal glasses to enhance 3-D viewing.
What's new in this version:
Release versionNative version for Mac OS X 10.1.xHairpin function display in the selection paletteArrowheads indicating beta sheets sense on 3-D graphics Position in sequence new color modeNo conversion to wire-frame when free hand rotation of structure representationsImproving speed of Synchronize file and project command for files including a large number of sequences



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