Bind Flow 2.0

Solve puzzle by joining dots of the same color and following simple rules.
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Bind Flow is a brain teaser game. In this respect, it is one of those games which have very simple rules but require a lot of thinking to solve, mostly as you advance through the levels. The game has a minimalistic design, nothing too fancy and yet quite attractive. It has bright colors and varied patterns.

At first, you are presented with a grid, with some squares occupied by dots. Moreover, dots appear in pairs, so your task is very easy: try to connect each pair of dots with the same color. So far, this is no difficult at all. But then, it is also necessary to know that you cannot cross through any line of a different color. Again, that could be easy; however, for me, the worst part is yet to come: you should leave no empty spaces to finish the game.

As most games that have levels, difficulty increases as you progress. There is no way you can move to a higher level until you have unlocked it by completing the current one. However, most users find the scoring system quite a mystery as there is no explanation on how to score higher points available.

All in all, I am sure people of all ages can enjoy this game. Of course, it is a matter of taste. Some will find it quite addictive while others might simply hate it. You should know that you can find game packages that include this type of game while having a wider choice. The game is free to play but you can pay for more levels as well as solutions when you get stuck.

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  • Nice colorful design
  • Simple rules
  • Addictive and challenging


  • Unclear scoring system
  • Does not include other game types



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