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BeerAlchemy aims to make creating great beers easier.
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BeerAlchemy aims to make creating great beers easier. It offers recipe formulation tools that give the brewer immediate feedback on how changes they make will affect theirfinished beers. The program supports all-grain, partial mash and extract brewing as well as bothfly and batch sparging. It also helps the brewer keep organised by storing all their recipes andbatches in a familiar folder-based system. Brewers can export their recipes as Web pages, PDFs or in the BeerXMLand .rec file formats to share their recipes with others.
An extensive ingredients database as well as many predefined mash schedules are included andmay be edited to suit the brewer.
The program also includes inventory management tools and an integrated shopping facility with built-inweb browser and Skype support.
The application also includes quick brewing calculators for beer colour, bitterness, specific gravitycorrections, mash calculations, refractometers and pitching rate that continue to function afterthe demo period has finished.

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I'm not a home brewer, but I found this app quite interesting. It was like a step behind a curtain. I've noticed that the recipes are well organized and comfortable to operate. The ability to edit the ingredients list must be handy.

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