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Beargo is a very simple arcade game featuring a migrating Bear.
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Beargo is a very simple arcade game featuring a migrating Bear. Beargo is tired of the climate at the North pole, so he decides to migrate down south where it is warmer. Some animals get in the way of Beargo, and your job is to help him get rid of those animals during his trip. On each level, you start in a maze of blocks made of ice. You can destroy those blocks and push them around to kill your enemies or trap them. There are a few diamonds on each level. You can push those and use them to kill enemies, but you can't destroy them. If one of the animals touches you, you will lose a life. When you lose three lives, the game will be over. There is a couple of power-ups and bonuses available. One of these powers gives you the ability to freeze your enemies. The levels are complete when you kill all the animals. After you lose, you can submit your high-score.

Beargo is a simple arcade game. The graphics are cute, but they are not great. I don't think an adult will have fun playing this game, but I am sure kids will like it. The game has a ton of levels and four different environments (including the North pole).

José Fernández
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  • Cute characters
  • Easy to play
  • It could be fun for kids


  • Not the best graphics
  • Too simple for adult play
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