Batz Screensaver

Batz Screensaver 2.1

Screen saver featuring bats.
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Skyrocket Software

One of the most misunderstood mammals, bats are actually very beneficial to mankind and the environment. They help control harmful insect populations, as well as rain forest regeneration, among other benefits. Although much of western culture fear or loath bats, many cultures view bats as symbols of happiness, and good luck.
The only mammal truly able to fly, there are hundreds of species of bats. Most are insect eaters, but there are species that feed on small animals and fish, fruit, and even nectar. Some bats are responsible for cross-pollinating night blooming trees, shrubs, and cacti. There are only three species of Vampire bats, all found in Mexico, and throughout South America. They prefer to feed on the blood of birds and cattle, and very rarely that of humans.
With Batz on your Macs, Balin and his bat buddies fly around your screen hunting for food. A full moon shines, and the gentle sound of crickets can be heard in the background. Mesmerizing, and very relaxing.
You may use Batz for FREE, but if you register for $5.00, you also get three additional bats, including Balins' girlfriend, Bella, and a realistic Little Brown Bat. Other benefits of registration include background customization features.

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