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Battle vs Chess is a great 3D multi-platform chess game.
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Battle vs Chess is a great 3D, multi-platform chess game. It is available for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, PC and Mac. As the developers put it, Battle Vs Chess is a modern attempt to adapt the classic chess game for the current times. Chess is a great strategy game, and it is very old. Kids might think that it is boring if they play it on a regular board. But this game replaces the pieces of the game for awesome characters. It sets the game in different locations that look epic and it provides each character with different animations. For example, your pawns will hit their shield with their sword before moving up a slot and they will slay enemy characters with their sword. Your queen has wings and she flies around the board, shooting magic spells at enemies.

Battle vs Chess features single-player and multi-player modes. The single-player mode includes a skirmish mode where you play a classic game of chess, a tutorial, where you learn how to play the game and a campaign mode, among a few others. You can slightly change the settings in each mode to your liking.

I played a quick game against the default difficulty level and I thought it was good. The computer opponent wasn't dumb, which is the case in many chess games. I purposely gave it chances to beat me, and it did.

In short, Battle vs Chess might not be a cheap game. But it is great. It has great graphics, lots of modes, and it can get the little ones interested in this great game. For that alone, I recommend it.

JF Senior editor
José Fernández
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  • Great graphics
  • Lots of modes
  • It plays well
  • Nice character design


  • A little expensive



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