Batch Editor 2.0

Edit multiple images on your Mac in batch mode.
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Optimize and speed up image processing. Select multiple files and perform standard editing operations to customize the output. Resize, rotate, reflect, mirror, crop, pan, and otherwise change the canvas. Add custom effects, round the corners, replace background colors, etc.

Resize, Change canvas size, Rotate, Reflect, Round corners, Add border, Color background, Mask, Overlay, Add shadow...
Batch Editor lets you combine various image operations into workflows and apply them to any number of images at once. Workflows are especially suited to automate repetitive tasks, saving you lots of time!
- SIMPLICITY: Drag and drop image operations into your workflow, adjust their settings, and immediately see the effect on your images.
- SAVING AND SHARING: Workflows are documents. This means that you can easily save them to disk and use them again later. Or you can share them, e.g. by putting them on your website, making them available for others to use!
- DYNAMIC PREVIEW: While you work on your workflow, you continuously see the effect on your images. This makes it much easier to get your workflow just right; it actually feels like you're editing images rather than your workflow.
- SAVE EDITING: Batch Editor never edits your original files directly. Instead it creates new images, so your originals remain untouched.
- SMART FILE NAMING: Using Batch Editor you can easily create thousands of new images. Rather than having you type in each new image's file name individually, Batch Editor lets you specify file names with a general format. For example, you can specify that new images should be named the same as their originals, but with their new size appended to it.
- FLEXIBILITY: Batch Editor doesn't ask you to do things in a specific order. For example, while you're working on your workflow, you can add and remove images freely. And even after you have saved your new images to disk, you can decide to change your workflow and overwrite the previously generated files. Or add some more images and save their results to disk as well.
- AUTOSAVE: With Autosave enabled, any images you add are processed and saved to disk immediately. This means that once your workflow is finished, you only need to drag and drop images that you want to process and Batch Editor takes care of the rest!
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Minor bug fix.

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