Batch Crop 2.2

Crop and resize digital photos in batches.
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Check out a collection of instruments for processing digital photos on a Mac. Work with a batch processing module and apply specific parameters for altering the size, orientation, and format of the picture according to your needs. Preview the results and automate processing.

Cropping and resizing are important process techniques for digital photos. Batch Crop makes it much easier to crop and resize a lot of photos in one shot. You are no longer disrupted by distracting operations such as opening each file and looking for necessary tools in multiple steps. Batch Crop provides all necessary tools in single mode, and the transfer from photo to photo is smooth.
Batch Crop provides the following features:
- Crop and resize photos.
- Crop with arbitrary size, location, and rotation angle.
- Crop with the constraint of fixed aspect ratio, fixed size in pixels, or fixed percentage.
- Resize to fixed dimension, or percentage related to original photos.
- Inherit cropping constraints and area when you transfer from one photo to another.
- Load multiple photos and generate result in one shot.

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