Balloon Animals

Balloon Animals 1.0

A series of 3D step-by-step balloon sculpting tutorials.
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Balloon Animals contains tutorials for 5 balloon sculpting techniques, 11 specific balloon sculptures, and a single dollar-bill origami technique (a promotion for the Dollar Origami app sold by the same developer). The program contains written tips in addition to 3D visualizations of each step in production.

While I haven't tested the techniques out on the special balloons required for one of these sculptures (special only in length, not shape), the tutorials take things one step at a time in a straightforward fashion, and the written tips complement the 3D visualizations nicely. Tutorials are also ordered by ascending difficulty, so that if a user starts with the first techniques and moves on one at a time they should be able to learn one new thing with each sculpture.

One potential roadblock is the need for multiple twists in a single step when making sculptures. While the 5 techniques have a hand placement guide integrated into each instructional visualization, that guide is lacking for the 10 sculpture tutorials. As a result, it's hard to visualize how one would keep one twist in place while making others. But I'm sure something as simple as a clothespin would do the trick if difficulty arises.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Symbiotic combination of demonstrated and written instructions
  • Playback speed and viewing angle can be adjusted for visualizations


  • Constant ad at startup
  • Requires special very-long balloons
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