BadongoBuddy 1.0

BadongoBuddy helps you to manage multiple file uploads to
1.0 (See all)

BadongoBuddy application is designed specifically to help you manage multiple file uploads to (free file and image hosting) with a single mouseclick.
To use this feature, click the Upload Tab on the left hand corner of the screen.

Simply use the 'Browse' icon to locate the file on your computer that you wish to upload. Then click the 'Upload' button to begin the upload process.

As an alternative, you may simply drag and drop the files you want uploaded directly into the provided space.

Once you have selected the files you want to upload you will be prompted for a description and to specify whether or not the material is suitable to be viewed by minors. Fill in these details and your file will begin to upload.

The Merge tool is another useful feature of the application. For example, if you upload a 500MB file, it will be splitted into five smaller size of 100MB each. The Merge tool allows you to easily merge split files back together.

When you download a large Split archive from the site, you will also need to download a .badongo file. The .badongo files contain necessary information that ensure all the files you have dowloaded are intact. In order to merge 5 split files back together, simply dowload the 5 split files along with the .badongo file into the same directory.

Next, inside the Badongo Buddy application Click on the "Merge" Tab and click the "Open Badongo File" button.

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