BackupLoupe 3.0

Manages, accesses and restores different backups on your Mac.
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Optimize the performance of a Mac device and clean the backup directory. Integrate the browser with the Finder tool and find multiple versions of system and custom backups. Restore any selected file or folder previously copied and stored by the Time Machine solution.

BackupLoupe is an application that acts as a time machine and allows users to view and manage different backup versions of their computer. It has a straightforward installation process that can be completed by any type of user.

Its interface looks decent. It has a default black background theme and well-delimited page sections, but it comes with poorly text format and clunky buttons. The CPU usage is low, so you don't have to own a high-end system in order to use its features.

The embedded functions are well optimized and really help the end-user. They include a built-in Disk Manager for viewing where the backups are located and the time period they cover, a search function to easily find a file, and a Restore feature to let users restore files and folders. Additionally, individuals can search and view information about a file's backup history by selecting Show Time Machine Revisions. Last but not least, the app can handle multiple hosts and backup devices, so users can mount and unmount backup filesystems.

To summarize, BackupLoupe is a useful tool for finding and managing system backups. The price seems a bit too high for what it offers, but you can't have it all.

John Saunders
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  • Has a built-in Disk Manager
  • Comes with a Search function
  • Restores files and folders


  • Has a poorly text format
  • The buttons feel clunky
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