Back to the Future Ep 5 - OUTATIME

Back to the Future Episode 5 - Outatime is the final episode of this game.
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Back to the Future Episode 5 - Outatime is the final episode of this game. Back to the Future: The game puts you in Marty McFly's shoes roughly six months after the events of the last Back to the Future movie. In the first four episodes of the game, you play through a lot of different adventures that have consequences in your timeline. Episode after episode, you try to solve many problems that arise due to your travels in time. Episode 5 is the conclusion. One interesting fact about episode 5 is that Michael J. Fox makes an appearance. I will not divulge more about that so that I don't end up spoiling the fun for you.

At the start of episode 5, you wake up to a call from Emmet. He asks you to bring him a static accumulator, which is back at the lab. When you are on your way there, you run into Doc, who tries to steal the accumulator from you so that Emmet can't succeed at his science project. Doc thinks that by making Emmet fail, he will lose his interest in science and thus never make a time machine. He thinks that a life without a time machine is a solution to his misery. Your first goal is to find the static accumulator and bring it to Emmet.

Episode 5 wraps up the series quite well. It provides a nice ending and most of the questions are answered.

After playing the 5 episodes, I have to say that this is a great game. It has its downs and its ups. I really enjoyed this new adventure for Marty and Doc. I particularly loved the soundtrack and the voice acting. The dialogs were also great, but sometimes you have to play trial and error to find the right things to say.

You can get all 5 episodes from Telltale games for $24.99 and there are special bonus bundles for collectors and die-hard fans.

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  • Michael J. Fox cameo
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