Back to the Future Ep 4 - Double Visions

Back to the Future Episode 4 - Double Visions is the fourth episode of the game.
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Back to the Future Episode 4 - Double Visions is the fourth episode of the game. In Back to the Future: The Game, you control Marty McFly as he tries to restore his timeline after some strange events occur some six months after the events of the third Back to the Future movie. In Episode 1, with Doc Brown gone, you find the time machine, driverless. So you hop on it to investigate. In Episode 2, you are forced back into the past to prevent your grandfather from getting killed, which would prevent you from ever being born. Episode 3, one of my favorites, sends you back to the 1980's where everything has changed, and not for good. Episode 4 continues the story from episode 3.

In episode 4, you start in the Citizen Plus ward. You are scheduled to start treatment at the facility, and the first goal is to escape the cell you are trapped in. You soon hear that Citizen Brown has gone anti-social, and they want to start a personality generation process on him. You also notice that Jennifer is in the next cell. Marty's dad helps you escape from the cell, and then it is up to you to solve your next goals.

I am glad there are hints in this game. They were really helpful in Episode 4. Of course, they should be used only when you are lost and can't find what to do, but they are really great.

In conclusion, Episode 4 of Back to the Future: The Game sets up the conclusion of the series. The episode is interesting, but at this point, all I wanted was to conclude the great story that had been laid out throughout episodes 1 through 4.

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  • Great voice acting and story
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