Back to the Future Ep 3 - Citizen Brown

Back to the Future Episode 3 - Citizen brown is the third episode of this game.
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Back to the Future Episode 3 - Citizen brown is the third episode of this game. Back to The Future: The game is an episodic graphic adventure game set roughly six months after the events of the third Back to The Future movie. In this game you control Marty McFly in different 3D environments. The game consists mostly of cut scenes where the characters interact with each other and problems arise and solutions are suggested. After each cut-scene, you control Marty to solve the problem at hand. You can move freely in these environments and can click on objects to interact with them and on people to talk to them. There are different things that you can say, but generally, there is only one response that will be useful for you.

Without spoiling it too much for you, let me just briefly describe how episode 3 starts. After the events of episode 2, you return to the 1980's. The Delorean gets stuck on a Billboard. You soon start noticing strange changes in this current timeline. You meet a different version of Jennifer, and on the billboard, you see a mention of 1st Citizen Brown. Your first goal is to get out of the car, and then investigate what these changes are all about.

Episode 3 is one of the episodes that I liked the most. It has a lot of problems and you really have to think hard to solve them.

JF Senior editor
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