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Awesome Hangman 1.1

Awesome Hangman is a very complete hangman game for the Mac.

Awesome Hangman is a very complete hangman game for the Mac. It is very customizable and it features lots of different words and difficulty settings. The game can be played in full screen or in a window, and you can choose the types of words you want to play with. From the main menu, you will see a button that reads "Dictionary:Normal". By clicking on it, you will change the dictionary. There are lots of different dictionary types, including Astronomy, Chemistry, English, Geography, etc. Most of these dictionaries are only available in the full version of the game though.

The game is the same as any other game of hangman. You try to guess what the word is by selecting the letters. You have a certain number of guesses per round. When you don't guess the word, you lose. You can also try configuring the difficulty level to make your guessing task easier. You can probably press random keys and you will get the answer every time.

One thing that I really like about Hangman is that it comes with a few achievements that you have to unlock. I have always enjoyed to try to unlock achievements, no matter what they are, and having those always gives a game some more replay value.

José Fernández
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