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Free Avoid The Balls is a very simple game in which you must move the red ball.
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Avoid The Balls is a very simple game in which you must move the red ball in order to avoid the blue ones. To move the red ball, you must click on it and drag it across the screen. If any of the blue balls touches you, the game will over and you will have to start playing again. The longer you remain untouched, the more balls will be added to the board and the balls will all move at a higher speed. Of course, the longer you survive, the more score you will get. Once the game is finished, you will be able to submit your score.

The game features very simple graphics, sounds, and suitable music. Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode and only one difficulty level. It would be great if the background had at least changing images or something to make the game not so monotonous. It is a game to play just a few times because you will surely get bored soon.

In short, if you are just looking for a simple game to pass the time and keep your mind occupied, Avoid The Balls may be a good choice for you.

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  • Free
  • Easy to play
  • You can upload your score


  • Only one mode and one difficulty level
  • Monotonous
  • Only one level



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