AV for WaveLab - Editing and Metering 7.1

This app includes 37 tutorials regarding WaveLab 7.
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AV for WaveLab - Editing and Metering includes 37 tutorials that show you the various types of metering tools available to you in WaveLab 7. It gives the musician, mixing engineer, or producer all the tools and flexibility they need to get their work done quickly and efficiently. The WaveLab Jedi expertly swoops and glides across every nook and cranny of the interface to reveal many useful tools—including its unique time stretching and compression capabilities. You'll also see (and hear) real time examples of inserts, appends and mixing of sonic material right inside WaveLab's workspace. All of these features will become an invaluable part of your sonic palette while you're busy crafting “The Perfect Mix”.

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