AutomatIcon 1.1

     Essential for iOS developers!
1.1 (See all)

**************************************************     Essential for iOS developers !**************************************************- Automatically it generates icons iOS at all necessary sizes, including iTunesArtwork 1024 x 1024 and 144 x 144 icon.- It modifies the file info.plist of your project to include the generated icons. (No more spelling mistakes or oversights).A very simple functioning:You must select the source image (PSD, PNG, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, etc.). by drag and drop, open menu, or by pasting from the clipboard.AutomatIcon displays immediately the preview of your icons.You can select the types of icons you want:- iPhone.- iPad.- Retina-YES / NO- Individual selecting.Features:- It accepts the source images 1024 x 1024 or 512 or 512.- Preset selection.- Preview.- Simulation gloss effect.- Export icons and files iTunesArtwork.- Modification of the file Info.plist of the project you want to include icons.- Other features will follow your demands. Dear developers, AutomatIcon is your application, please send us your comments and needs.

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