Autograph 1.2

Captures, manages, and displays digital signatures.
1.2.1 (See all)
Manage the signatures for emails and documents from a trackpad. Capture a recognizable set of symbols and apply them to the content of multiple editing and viewing programs such as Word, Pages, Mail, iChat, and many others. The utility also scans and recreates signatures on physical objects.

Autograph enables you to instantly insert your signature into Word, Pages, Mail, and many other applications. Sign PDF documents without printing and scanning. Simple, Easy Design: Autograph an email or document in less than 7 seconds. Autograph accepts signatures drawn on your trackpad with a finger or Pogo Sketch. You can also use a Wacom tablet to sign even if you're on a desktop machine. Automatically inserts into your last open application: Waste time scanning, trimming, pasting in a signature? No thanks! One keystroke inserts your signature or note into an open document. Swipe to undo: Flub your last name? No problem. Three-finger swipe left or right to undo/redo. Try that with a pen! Biometrics: Bio-what? Autograph includes all the minute details that make a signature uniquely yours. Many more features

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