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Casual racing sim designed specifically for OS X.
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Auto Sport Driving is a simulation racing game for the Mac. It is a racing game that is easy to start playing, but it is hard to master, which always is a good incentive for die-hard fans of the racing genre. It features a very realistic physics engine: you will see your car turn, crash and behave just like a real car would. Well, almost. There are collisions, but your car will never go flying in the air or do spins or anything like that. Speaking of cars. Since this game doesn't have permission to show you real cars, it uses fantasy names. For example, one of the cars that you can drive seems to be a Dodge Viper, which, in the game is called Venom.

You can either play online or offline. I didn't try the online mode. I only played a few races in the offline mode. When you get into a race, and after you selected your car you want to drive and the track, you can start practising by driving laps around the track. Then you get a chance to quality for a good spot. If you get the best time, you start from the pole position. And after qualifying you get into the actual race against computer opponents.

The graphics were OK for a Mac game. Of course, you can't compare them with games like Forza or Need for Speed. The controls were good and responsive, and original. By default, you turn by moving your mouse left and right. I had never in my life done that, and it felt good. A bit awkward at first, but the precision you get by using your mouse is way better than by just using the arrow keys. It takes a bit to get used to, though.

In conclusion, Auto Sport Driving is a nice racing simulator. It has only a few modes and a few cars.

JF Senior editor
José Fernández
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  • Graphics are ok
  • Nice physics engine
  • Innovative controls


  • Only a few modes
  • No car flips


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