AudioXplorer 1.3

It can analyze sound data. It displays oscilloscope, spectrum and sonogram.
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AudioXplorer is a utility that can analyze audio data. It can perform fast Fourier transformations and it offers oscilloscope, spectrum and sonogram views.
The program performs audio analyses and displays the results in a static or in a real-time window. Using the static window, you will be able to view sound, spectrum, as well as sonogram data. Furthermore, you are allowed to analyze the spectrum by going to a specific location of the cursor or by selecting a certain interval. AudioXplorer is also able to return sonograms and allows you to customize their parameters. With the help of this piece of software, you are able to play, record or generate different sounds. When generating sound, you are offered the opportunity to choose the wave form, amplitude, frequency, duration, bit rate and channel. A downside is that a stop-playback option was not found. Also, when importing an audio file, the conversion process can be a lengthy one. AudioXplorer lets you export your projects to AIF format, as well as Raw. Although a real-time window will open, it does not seem that the application will perform a real-time analysis for the selected audio file. An aspect worth to be mentioned is that the program allows you to set keyboard shortcuts for certain actions.
AudioXplorer is an application whose purpose is to analyze sound data, offering users the chance to perform oscilloscope, spectrum or sonogram analyses.

Margie Smeer
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  • Oscilloscope, spectrum and sonogram views are available
  • Sound can be played, recorded or generated
  • The source code is available for anyone to upgrade the utility


  • Real-time analysis doesn't seem to work
  • No stop-playback button was found
  • When importing an audio file, the conversion process can be a lengthy one
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