AudioMulch is an interactive musician's environment.
AudioMulch v2.2
22 May 2015
AudioMulch v2.1
26 Jul 2011
AudioMulch v0.2
3 May 2010

What's new

v0.2 [3 May 2010]
- Fixed bug where contraption preset window would spontaneously disappear when one of the contraption editor button tooltips displayed and then hid.
- Fixed bug in audio settings where setting devices to None was not remembered after restarting AudioMulch. Instead, the default device and all channels would be selected at next startup.
- Fixed bug/crash assertion failure "DRAG_STATE_NONE" when trying to drag 5Combs contraption editor while pitch selection window was visible.
- Fixed bug where selection of AIFF files was not possible during the "locate missing sound files" process.
- Improved scroll wheel behavior in properties pane. Scroll wheel no longer gets stuck on individual controls while scrolling the whole view. Scroll wheel now only acts on number editors when they already have input focus. Scroll wheel never acts on combo boxes and FilePlayer/Recorder location bars.
- Mac: improved stability of MIDI clock sync generation output. It was stuttering or unreliable with some MIDI devices.
- Fixed intermittent bug on Windows where evaluation period was indicated as expired immediately after first installation.

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