Attachments Menu 1.2

Access and manage attachments in Apple Mail.
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Simplify Apple Mail access and management on your Mac. Integrate an extension for the system interface to directly access and control various attachments categorized automatically or manually according to the personal specifications of the user. Reset any settings.

Attachments Menu can show you your e-mail attachments in a menu. The application can be found on the menu bar, and its icon is a metal paperclip. When you click it, a menu will come down that shows all your e-mail attachments in different categories. It gets them from the Mail app. The default categories are Documents, Text Files, Archives, Images, Media and Other. Basically, each of those categories works by filtering certain file extensions. You can add more if you want from the Preferences window. There are also options to check all the e-mails, only your sent e-mails or documents on your Mac. I found that after getting new mail, I had to re-launch the app for new e-mail attachments to show on the menu.

From the Preferences window, you can add new categories, edit the ones already in use and set the application to start with your Mac. You can also choose what items you want to see when you click on the menubar icon.

All in all, this is a nice app if you use Mail app and want to have quick access to your files from your Menubar.

JF Senior editor
José Fernández
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  • It gives you quick access to your attachments


  • You might need to restart the app for new e-mail attachments to become available



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