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Free ATC Mania is an addictive line-draw air traffic control game.
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ATC Mania is a draw-the-line air traffic control game. You have probably played quite a few games like this before, Flight Control is one of the most popular among them. ATC Mania isn't a bad game, but it has its weaknesses when you compare it with other games in the genre.

For those who have never played one of these draw-the-line games, the goal of the game is to land as many planes and helicopters as you can without colliding them. When two aircraft crash, the game will be over, and the number of planes that you have landed will be your score. There are three different maps with different landing runway layouts.

The airplane models are nice-looking, so are the helicopters. The lines that you draw look like lines made with MS Paint. Once you have made a correct path to the runway, they will turn green. There is a pause button at the bottom, but there is no way to slow down the planes or make the action go faster. Also, I didn't notice whether different aircraft move at different speeds, which adds a challenge to the game.

To sum up, ATC Mania, for only $0.99, is a nice game. It is cheaper than most games of the same genre but a bit worse than the better alternatives. It is still a nice time killer to have installed on your Mac.

JF Senior editor
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  • Inexpensive
  • Entertaining


  • No fast forward
  • The lines could look better
  • The maps are not the best



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