ASCII Art 1.11

Transform standard image files into text art.
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Create text-based art pieces from regular digital images, including photographs. Output the content to both black/white text and full-colour files. Export the conversion results to plain text, HTML, TIFF, and RTF. Edit the texts to adjust the shapes of files, change the width, etc.

ASCII Art is a powerful generator that converts digital pictures into amazing looking text art. Output art to both black/white text and full color, with the ability to export plain text, HTML, TIFF, and RTF files. A user editable character set adjusts the available characters to be used, while the maximum character width option controls the finished product size. Real time previews make for easy source image tweaking, allowing for the best possible results to be obtained.
Compatible source images include JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, TIF, TGA, JPG, TIFF, and more. Output quality greatly depends on the input file. Often images such as clip art work better than sources such as digital pictures. High image contrast and a clean white background always helps. Your milage may very, experiment!

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