Ascension 1.2

The application is a handy ASCII art viewer and editor.
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Ascension is an ASCII art editor that you will surely enjoy. Its goal is to provide you with an awesome environment where you can truly appreciate that type-based artwork that you love so much.
Ascension can work with NFO, DIZ, ASC as well as with TXT files, giving you basic information about each document that you open. It features a very well designed graphical interface, which makes it very easy to operate with. This intuitive application also provides some more advanced functions like the capability to auto-size its window according to each document you open or to automatically recognize hyper-links.

Furthermore, you can adapt Ascension to your own style and personalize the application either by selecting one of the themes that are embedded or by creating your own. The options that the program provides will allow you to choose the type of ASCII encoding, as well as text encoding that you want to use, to select the auto-sizing options that you prefer and to determine the colors that you want.

In conclusion, Ascension is a tool that every type-based artwork fan should really have in their software collection.

Sean O'Reilly
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