ArtistInfo 2.17

Displays background information about the currently playing song in iTunes.
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Are you a music lover, a fan of bands and musicians, an aficionado of Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz...? Then ArtistInfo provides you with context information about your favorite artists.
- "Who played those groovy bass lines on the album that I am listening to in iTunes?"
- "What are the members of that cool band?"
- "Which horn player performed that great sax solo on this track?"
- "Who composed that lovely song?"
- "With whom else has my favorite artist played music with?"
- "What other albums were released by this guitar player?"
ArtistInfo helps you to find out and to discover the inspiring world of music. Use ArtistInfo to browse through consolidated information on musicians, band members, composers, producers, played music instruments, artists' biographies, discographies, performed musical genres, and upcoming concerts.
ArtistInfo is presenting information about the music that is playing in iTunes (loaded automatically in the background). You also may search for artists and albums using the search field. And you can follow the many links to discover more details in a concise view. Attractive visualizations let you interactively explore the network among musicians. Enjoy your music collection enriched with contextual information in ArtistInfo.
What's new in this version:
- Extended Metason database: 750,000 artists (musicians, bands, composers,...) and 2 Mio. albums
- Better responsiveness due to background loading of portrait images
- Performance improvements due to local artist index into the remote Metason database
- Distinction of more album types: album, single, compilation, live, CD, vinyl, mp3...
- Increased accuracy in unifying data from different sources (Metason, Wikipedia, MusicBrainz, iTunes)
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