ArtDeco Backgammon 3D 1.6

ArtDeco Backgammon 3D brings you Backgammon in visually stunning 3D.
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ArtDeco Backgammon 3D brings you Backgammon in visually stunning 3D. Enjoy an intuitive game with a tactile experience that makes you feel like you are playing on a real art deco themed board.
The Art Deco theme of the game ties in with the history of Backgammon as it grew and evolved in the New York clubs and societies of the 1920s. In an effort to capture this essence we bring you the game of Backgammon in the timeless style of Art Deco.

With multiple levels of AI to suit beginners and more advanced players, many features make gameplay feel intuitive and easy. The autosave and resume feature allows you to play the game as it suits you. If you don't have time to finish a round, don't fret. Just exit the game, the next time you start it up you'll be back at the start of the round you were playing.

You can challenge other players with the Peer to Peer Multiplayer functionality included in the game. Currently it only supports Bluetooth connections with other local iOS devices, but we are working on GameCenter integration for online play.

NB: There is no match play option currently; the doubling cube, match play rules and options are not used at present. This will be addressed in a future update.

Features Include:

» Stunning 3D graphics with super smooth animation
» Tactile Drag & Drop controls that makes you feel that you are physically playing the board game
» Color coded move guides to help you make your moves naturally
» Intuitive multi-dice moves using drag and drop
» Intuitive undos, using drag and drop or with the undo-all button in the bottom right corner
» Peer to Peer Multiplayer over Bluetooth
» 4 levels of AI difficulty
» Pick up and play with the auto-resume feature that lets you get back to the game after phone calls & other inturruptions
» iOS4 support, including multitasking

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