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Armageddon: First Strike is a fast-paced missile defense game.
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Armageddon: First Strike is a fast-paced missile defense game. Armageddon takes the spirit of classic arcade games into the 21st century with beautiful hardware-accelerated graphics, multiple power-ups, full stereo, and special effects.
Gameplay is simple: Protect your cities from incoming nuclear missiles, with your own array of surface-to-air missiles. Aim with the mouse or trackpad, and click to fire from one of your three missile bases. Your anti-missile missiles need time to launch and bloom, so be sure to lead your target! If you see a power-up drop, click and hold to guide it in with a homing beam. Mouse clicks activate the closest available base; if you want even more control, use the three fire buttons (Control, Option, and Command by default) to fire or guide from any of the three bases.
Armageddon may be played in a window, native-size with a blanked background, or full screen (hit cmd-1, 2, or 3 to change modes). Keys are also fully configurable; use the menus when in window mode, or press cmd-K at any time. Press the Tab key to pause the game, and cmd-Q to quit. With arcade-style "attract" screens, including a point guide and high-scores list, Armageddon will make you want to buy a separate Mac just to leave it running!
Armageddon has been lovingly tuned based on extensive user testing and feedback for more than seven years. A careful balance between defending your cities, grabbing power-ups, and maximizing points will keep you engaged for hours. This is the latest and greatest version, now available through the Mac App Store. Give Armageddon a try today, and see for yourself why it has been loved by so many players!

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