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Airthmemouse Addition and Subtraction is an educational game.
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Airthmemouse Addition and Subtraction is a game that was designed to help kids learn how to add and subtract numbers while having fun. To that end, you can control three different characters. Your objective is to fly into the answer for each of the questions asked. When you do that, you move to the next one. After a round of 10 or so questions, you will get your results.

Before you start the actual game, you are given the choice to select one of three difficulty levels. The only difference between levels is the difficulty of the operations involved. You can also choose whether you want to play with additions or subtractions. There is a very detailed tutorial for each of those operations. It shows how they are calculated. The tutorial for the addition of numbers was several pages long and very thorough.

From the options screen, you can increase and decrease the volume and the quality of the graphics.

In conclusion, Arithmemouse Addition and Subtraction is possibly a good game for kids that are learning mathematics. It provides an entertaining way to practice and a nice tutorial that explains the operations in detail.

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  • Very thorough tutorial
  • Different difficulty modes


  • Not the best graphics



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