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Area Lighting Calc is a native macOS CAD application specialized to perform lighting calculations for open areas.
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Area Lighting Calc is a native macOS CAD application specialized to perform lighting calculations for open areas.
With Area Lighting Calc you don’t need to be a specialist.
Fill the form and in few seconds you’ll be able to prepare a professional lighting plan complete with a full personalized report.

• Prepare and obtain a plan for the lights required for an open area (for closed areas plans see other apps we have here on the App Store)
• You can obtain fast answers about how much fixtures of a certain type you need to obtain a fixed lighting level in an open area in few steps.
• You can compare fixtures and choose the one that permits minimal consumption, and then build the 3D model to light.
• You can obtain an interactive 3D model of the planned area and you can move inside, rotate, pan, zoom at any level
• You can obtain a printable report of your plan with pictures, list of used elements, their characteristic, results and cost of realization.
• You will be amazed on how easy is to cerate a full light plan.

• Works with parametric 3D objects used for modelling
• Imports third part light sources IESNA LM-63 (American standards), EULUMDAT (European standards)
• Can even import DXF drawings data files (the Application converts drawings to photometries!)
• Can export to RTF a complete list, formatted according to user needs, of the installed products and special items.
• Perform calculation of electrical power and total cost.
• Output can be plotted on the surfaces projected on the plane and shown in real/false colors
• Generates iso-value curves or numerical tables
• Works well both in Metric and Imperial unit
• Includes all the functionality of Lighting Source Manager (available also separately here on the App Store)
• We offer support via email if you have any kind of problems with our applications
• Area Lighting Calc is native CAD application since day 1 for macOS
• Full screen support for 3D model
• Works well both in Light Mode and Dark Mode
• Optimized for macOS 10.14 Mojave (requires minimum macOS 10.10)
• Extended PDF User Guide inside with full description and tutorials

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