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Free A handy program that helps you keep track of your expenses.
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When managing your budget, it is very important to constantly keep track of all performed transactions and organize your receipts. Archivme will provide you with a simple way to achieve these goals by allowing you to store all your expenses in one place.

This efficient tool will allow you to import files or scanned documents to your Mac and monitor all performed transactions whether they're for health insurance, transportation or house equipment.

Once you import the necessary files, the application automatically offers you detailed reports and statistics with all expenses and keeps you fully aware of your budget's current state; one relevant drawback of using this program is the fact that you can only import the files with JPEG, PNG and PDF extensions.

While checking the program's functionality, you may also notice a small bug when trying to add a new personal category; a new window will appear with a message like "record error - data recording failed".

The program gets another plus due to the fact that it allows you to sync all stored data within archivme with your Dropbox account. Now on, you can access any information you need, like transactions, receipts, etc., no matter where you are and never have to worry about losing important data.

Unfortunately, the synchronization process might take a bit longer or even fail if your network connections are unstable or slow.

Keeping a complete record of all your house expenses has never been easier, now with the release of archivme, a time-saving solution.

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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Built-in search engine
  • Import documents within your Mac or scanned files


  • If your Internet connection signal is running low, the synchronization process between archivme and your Dropbox account might fail


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