Arcade Math Blocks 1.1

Use the numbers you choose and the operators you choose to clear blocks, collect the diamonds, and evade or destroy the bad guys.
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Rivulus Software
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Arcade Math Blocks is a math game in which you must create and solve equations to clear up your way and collect all the diamonds. In order to clear your way, you must use the numbers you see on the screen to form equations and provide the right answers in order to make the blocks explode. To select the numbers and provide the answer you must use a combination of keyboard keys. You can create equations using any of the operators (+. -. /. x) and you can use as many numbers as you want. Of course, the more numbers you use, the higher your score will be.

Moreover, there are also evil characters who will try to stop you from reaching your goal, so you must avoid them. The game offers three difficulty levels and you can customize the game to your liking. Unfortunately, the game offers very simple graphics and sounds, and the game controls are not very intuitive and rather uncomfortable. The music is suitable, but a bit repetitive.

In short, if you are looking for an educational game that can help you improve your math skills while you have fun, Arcade Math Blocks may work for you.

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  • Three difficulty levels
  • Very customizable


  • Uncomfortable controls
  • Very simple graphics and sounds
  • Repetitive music



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  • Block out game
  • Collect diamonds
  • Arithmetics game
  • Arcade math blocks game
  • Classic arcade app