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Transform a photo into a watercolor image with liquid pools of color.
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Transform a photo into a watercolor image with liquid pools of color blended fluidly with all the delicate details found on a paper watercolor painting. Offers two watercolor paint styles: Aqua Color and Two-Tone and JixiPix's revolutionary wet edge effect with color, detail and strength tweaks.

Aquarella helps you apply artistic effects to your photographs to make them look like paintings. The tool has an easy-to-use interface and its workflow is quite simple as well. You can start by uploading a picture file and try some of the presets until you find the effect that lets you achieve the expected results. Luckily, rendering the changes for previewing is an almost instant process.

The tool allows importing practically any picture file type. Besides, it supports drag-and-drop to import photographs. There are multiple presets, which are organized into two modes: Aqua Color and Two Tone. However, you have total freedom to modify the presets by adjusting the parameters in the side panel. What is more, you can save your preferences as a new preset that you can reuse later.

It is great that Aquarella can produce realistic effects on your photographs to simulate hand-painted works of art. Aqua Color, for instance, uses the original colors of the picture to generate brushstrokes. Two Tone, in turn, produces a translucent effect by combining two light colors. more

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  • Supports multiple file types
  • Two modes
  • Allows creating new presets
  • Nice realistic effects
  • Lots of presets


  • Not as versatile as other more sophisticated tools
  • Affordable price


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