aquadot red 1.5

Inspired by the pac man style games of old, featuring enemies with many distinct personalities.
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There are seven enemy bugs - each a different color and each with a distinct attack style which you must learn to exploit Eating food dots now has a purpose! The more you eat the longer you can withstand the deadly touch of the enemy bugs, giving you avenues of escape where you would otherwise have none There are good (yummy!) and bad (yuk!) powerups that can make you stronger or more vulnerable. You can choose to eat them immediately or wait and see how your food supply changes if you leave them be... The enemies get smarter and the mazes more challenging as the game progresses At the end of each level you are awarded Skill points. These points are calculated by evaluating how skillfully you completed the level. For instance if you manage to avoid eating any bad powerups you'll earn a few Skill points, but if you eat all the bad powerups that appear you'll earn more, and if you eat them quickly you'll earn even more! Every game is different. The mazes are played in a semi-random order and drawn with varying colors and wall styles. Each level the enemies are selected randomly, presenting the possibility of many different combinations of attack styles each time The controls are simple, whether with keyboard or joystick, and make it easy to manoeuvre even the most convoluted mazes
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- Fully compatible with Intel processors along with Leopard and Snow Leopard - New Mazes... we're up to 41x 5 variants = 205!



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