Application Licensing

Application Licensing 1.0

The Application Licensing software is in two parts.

The Application Licensing software is in two parts. The first part is a class library which is simply compiled into your application. The second part is an area of the Application Licensing website which your software will them communicate with. The AppLic Security is designed to work within a Mono development environment. You can start your users off with a demo - limiting them to a specific period of time or a number of uses. Once the demo is over (if there even is one) your user is forced to enter a license key which you provide to them after they purchase your software. Application activation is done via the internet (via so users can access your software immediately after paying. Simply send them a password. If your user does not have internet access you can unlock them offline. The license key is tied to an Expiry Date and Feature Code which you set through the website so you can ensure your customer is only using the correct parts of your software at the right time. When they unlock your software with the license key you gave them you can see their license and should you so wish, you can delete their license meaning they can no longer use your software. You have full control over your customer's license - you can change the Feature Code, Expiry Date and delete/reinstate their license. You can provide a number of licenses for a company or group who can share a License Key but only unlock the software on as many machines as YOU allow. The license key will lock your software down to a specific computer or group of computers (it's up to you). After that no one else can use that license key.

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