AppleShare IP Update

AppleShare IP Update 5.0

Update your networking software to support G3 systems and Mac OS 8.1.
5.0.3 (See all)

AppleShare IP 5.0.2 users should download this software. It provides support for G3 systems and Mac OS 8.1. The AppleShare IP Web and File Server 5.0.3 includes a fix for instances where the Web server would crash when restarting the system under heavy load, a fix for instances where HTTP KeepAlive sessions were not always properly timed out by the server, and a fix for a problem where delivery of remote mail was delayed under some circumstances. The included AppleShare IP Print Server 5.0.3 provides a fix for instances where print jobs were sometimes "dropped" on busy servers. It also provides better compatibility with PostScript files generated by applications other than Apple laser printers. This fixes problems with printing from many graphics applications.

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