Apple Windows Migration Assistant 1.0

Free Helps you migrate data from a Windows PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
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Use Windows Migration Assistant to migrate your files from your old Windows PC (Windows XP SP3 or greater) to your Mac running OS X Lion or Mountain Lion. Migration Assistant automatically transfers your contacts, calendars, and email accounts and puts them in the appropriate applications.
Windows Migration copies the following information from your Windows PC to your Mac:
- Email: IMAP and POP accounts from Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live email accounts are transferred to Mail. Email metadata such as read, replied, and flagged are transferred from Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail to Mail in OS X.
- Contacts: Outlook and Outlook Express contacts, and Windows Contacts from the Contact home directory are transferred to Address Book.
- Calendars: Outlook calendars are transferred to iCal.
- iTunes library, including music, photos, videos and apps and games for iOS devices, except rentals.
- Home directory folders and content, including Music, Pictures, Desktop, Documents, and Downloads.
- Browser bookmarks and homepage from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari are transferred to Safari.
- User settings including localization, locale, and any customized desktop picture.



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