Apple PowerBook G4 DVD-ROM

Apple PowerBook G4 DVD-ROM 1.2

Titanium PowerBook firmware update
1.2 (See all)

The PowerBook G4 Titanium DVD-ROM Update improves support for the insertion and mounting of optical media. The DVD-ROM Update places new firmware on the Apple DVD-ROM drive installed in PowerBook G4 Titanium computers.
Updating Your DVD-ROM Firmware
To update the firmware on your DVD-ROM drive, follow these steps: Make sure your PowerBook's power cord is connected and plugged into a working power source. Save all open documents and quit all applications. If a disc is in the DVD-ROM drive, eject it by dragging its icon to the Trash. Open the DVD-ROM Update application by double-clicking the icon. When you see the opening dialog box, click Continue to update the drive firmware. Once the firmware is updated, the Update application quits. Restart your computer.

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