Apple DOS File System

Apple DOS File System 1.0

mount any Apple II disk image type
1.0 (See all)

Mount ProDOS, DOS 3.3, Pascal, CP/M for drag and drop exchange with the Finder Mount non-standard disks eg: Hybrid and 400K DOS Allow Drag & Drop of files/folders between images or to/from Finder. Get Info on file, show graphic Preview, or double click to view file. Support any disk image file format: Raw, NIB (unprotected), 2img, DiskCopy 4.2 Support any sector order: DOS, ProDOS, CP/M, Copy ][+. Create new disk images of any kind. With any OS (bootable!) Converts AWP & Basic (FP and INT) & Binary (disassembled) to plain Text (detokenize) Converts high-ascii->low-ascii on the way out, and back on the way in. Flip attribute bits, set File Type and Aux Type (or A$/"Load Address") Undelete files, Map disks, Optimize Disks Change: sector order, image file format (can un-nibblize!) Read/write physical floppy disks directly (On OS 9 and Classic) Use floppy hardware to set or get disk images (On OS 9 and Classic)
What's new in this version:
ProDOS completely fixed! No longer corrupts directories when you add many files.

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