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Free It helps you free up disk space by removing applications completely.
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App Shredder is a Mac cleaning tool that helps you free up disk space by removing applications completely, including their related files. This way, the performance of your computer will be highly improved and you will benefit from a healthier operating system.

Once you launch the program, you have the chance to determine the drive containing the applications installed on your computer, which may either be the Applications folder or the User folder. Unfortunately, once the selection is made, you can't switch to a different drive. Even when reopening the program, your initial choice will be preserved and you won’t be allowed to select another folder. Having said that, the next logical step is to enable the scan for installed applications. The moment the scan process ends, you are provided with a clear report on the apps found in the folder you already selected. The report informs you about the current free space and the amount of space that might be freed after removing specific apps. You have the ability to see the size of each installed app and check for details regarding their related files, such as logs, caches, and other leftovers. You can choose to remove the selected app completely or preserve specific associated files. Deleting multiple apps at once is allowed. Handy filters let you sort the apps by name, size, and items to be removed. If some files need administrator permission to be deleted, you can look for them in Finder from within the application, and remove them manually after entering the required password. When the cleaning process ends, you are informed about the amount of space that has been recovered.

In conclusion, App Shredder offers a convenient solution to gain valuable disk space by getting rid of unnecessary applications. The program is stable, easy to use, and highly intuitive, so that any user can manage it with ease.

ID Senior editor
Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Removes installed apps completely
  • Easy to manage
  • Sorts identified apps by different filters
  • Batch cleaning feature


  • Inability to select a different folder to scan for installed apps



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