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This is the most powerful Photo to Sketch you will find.
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This is the most powerful Photo to Sketch you will find.
Easy :
- Drag and Drop your photos and iSketchPhoto will turn them into an artistic pencil sketch in one click, gorgeous effects guaranteed!
- Compare instantly the Before/After
Many Options :
- Set background color or texturize with 100 different papers and backgrounds provided.
- a powerful colorizer with 20 interactive blending modes with adjustable opacity. (unique to this app)
- You can easily use your own with step and repeat (seamless tile or else). You can colorize your sketch and combine interactively to any background. (other sketchers can't)
- adjust brightness contrast, radius, details.
- Use an interactive vignette to blend from Photos to Sketch... An absolutely unique feature and a real must have.
- Quickly add a border for a nice final touch. (unique)
- Mirror Horizontally/Vertically images. (not found anywhere else)
- Possibility to crop image in and out
- Ability to Save/Recall different Settings across multiple images (unique)
Quality :
- Works with photos of any size and provides you print quality
iSketchPhotos reads and writes JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PICT, Photoshop format, it works also in 16bit (unique)

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