App for Netflix

App for Netflix 1.0

Enjoy an elegant and simple Netflix app experience.

Enjoy an elegant and simple Netflix app experience.
Once App for Netflix is open, simply click it in the menu bar to access all your favorite movies and tv shows. If you love Netflix, you're going to love it being one click away.
- Menu bar and Window app - Easily switch between menu bar app mode and window mode*
- Customize the look with border colors
- Stealth mode opacity - If you're working on multiple things you can have the app open but transparent and when you place your mouse over it, it displays at 100% and when you move your mouse out, it goes back to the opacity you choose
- Activate with a keyboard shortcut - The beauty of having Netflix in the menu bar is that you can open it with one custom keyboard shortcut you create in the preferences
- Auto Open at Login - When you turn on your Mac, have App for Netflix open automatically

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