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Apowersoft Video Converter for Mac 1.4

It is a comprehensive tool that helps you convert and download video files.
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Apowersoft Video Converter for Mac is a comprehensive media file related tool that allows you to convert and download video files. In addition, it facilitates Internet browsing for favorite movies and clips that you can then easily play and save to your computer.

Using this program is really simple, since it provides a clear-cut and intuitive interface structured in three modules, corresponding to the tool's major functions. First of all, the app is a reliable video converter that supports a wide range of media formats. Loading files is done easily, by either browsing your computer or – more conveniently – by dragging the files onto the list panel. Before enabling the conversion, you can play the selected video file to check whether it is really the item you want to convert or it needs to be removed from the list. As it happens with most similar tools released recently, the Video Converter from Apowersoft comes with built-in output profiles compatible with your computer media player and with current portable devices. This way, you don't need to know beforehand which file formats are supported by your device, since the app has the target profiles sorted out by device names. Advanced users have the chance to tweak video and audio parameters, such as the codec, the frame, and the bit rates, as well as the audio channel. Furthermore, the program has the ability to merge multiple files into one large video, so that you can play successive clips without needing to open each file separately. In addition, you can burn files directly to DVD. However, the program doesn't have a built-in burning tool – you are lead to a third-party tool that you need to install first.

The download module includes comprehensive features as well. They allow you to set the quality of the downloaded file and to control the bandwidth connection in order not to affect other running processes. What is more, you have the ability to schedule the downloads – therefore, you may set the program to start downloading at certain hours on specific days of the week, when you aren’t using the computer intensively.

As I already anticipated, the program has Internet browsing abilities. It allows you to locate files uploaded to popular video-sharing sites, so that you can view and download the files you are looking for. By default, these two tasks are performed at the same time – the selected file is automatically downloaded while playing. Yet, if you want to use the program just as an Internet browser, then you should power off the 'Detector' function.

In short, Apowersoft Video Converter is a full-featured application that combines multiple functions into one tool. Therefore, you can rely on this program whenever you need to convert, download, play, and browse for media files. Yet I couldn't find any editing features, though their presence is mentioned on the developers' official website.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Feature-rich application
  • Supports downloading and converting files in batches
  • Can merge video files
  • Output profiles organized by device names
  • Video player


  • Lacks editing features
  • A bit pricey
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